Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pan's Labyrinth (2006, Mexico-Spain)

I have never really liked either Spanish films or fantastic movies so, as you can imagine, I was skeptical about this one. I was almost halfway through it when it totally hypnotized me.

Pan's Labyrinth is set at the beginning of Franco's dictatorship in Spain. A little girl, Ofelia, arrives to the countryside with her mother who is pregnant and newly married to a Captain in charge of fighting some resistance groups in the mountains nearby. Being unhappy there, Ofelia finds comfort in Mercedes, the maid, and also in the fantastic story she finds herself dragged into. She is supposed to be the long-lost daughter of a king from a magic world but she must prove herself in order to enter this world. So, the film goes back and forth from the real world to the fantastical world, only perceived by Ofelia.

Despite being a Spanish film, I really liked the actors (yes, I despised Spanish cinema and actors that much, I could never believe their acting but I now think it is because it was weird for me listening Spanish). Specially the captain. In my opinion he is the greatest actor in the film, inspiring even dread in the viewer.

I do not really know what else I can say about it. I do not want to spoil you the film by writing too much. So I will only recommend it to you. If you watch it and you feel like writing, comments will always be welcome!

My rate: 8.5/10

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