Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mystic River (2003, USA)

Interesting film, I must say, that tells the story of three friends. When they were just children, one of them was abducted by two false policemen who raped him and tortured him for 3 days until he could escape. Years later, the daughter of one of them is brutally murdered and under these circumstances they are forced to get together again. One of them, as the officer in charge of the case, the other one as a relative of the murdered girl's father.

Personally, I guessed the end of the film within the first part, nevertheless, I kept doubting until the last moment. The very last moment.

I loved Sean Penn's acting in this film. Amazingly portrayed. In fact, he was multiply-awarded (Oscar and Golden Globe included). Tim Robin's work, on the other hand, despite being pretty good, in my opinion, was not that hypnotizing.

I have read lots of critics about the film. A vast number of people say it's Clint Eastwood's best film as a director. I don't think this film is better than Gran Torino, for example. However I felt fulfilled after watching it as it was enjoyable and kept several surprises keeping you interested on the story.

All in all, my rate is 7/10

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